Univet 5X7 OVER GLASSES Safety Glasses clear Lens

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Product details:

Normal prescription glasses alone do not guarantee adequate protection in risky environments, at the same time those suffering from visual defects cannot work without the aid of corrective lenses. The model 5X7, ultimate OTG, offers maximum protection and the comfort of operating with their own spectacles.

  • Univet branded product
  • The ultimate OTG to prescription spectacles
  • The careful design of the frame prevents the overlapping of the temples for an absolute comfort
  • SoftPad technology
  • Adjustment of temples in length
  • Wide range of filters
  • Anti Scratch
  • Approved to CE EN166 1ft  Personal eye-protection specifications

Protects against impacts and UV radiations,  Can be used for prolonged periods as it does not create distortion or fatigue, No colour distortion


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