Hypiglas 7 Piece Starter Knife Set With Roll Bag


Product details:

Instantly improve the quality of your kitchen knife collection, with the 7-piece knife set from Hygiplas. The set features a total of 5 knives that each come with individual uses, making it easier to complete a variety of preparation tasks. The roll bag provides efficient storage and transportation for your knives, whilst keeping them safe and damage-free.

The set features: 1x Hygiplas Boning Knife Stiff Blade Black – 5″, 1x Hygiplas Cooks Knife Black – 8.5″, 1x Hygiplas Fillet Knife Black – 6″, 1x Hygiplas Paring Knife Black – 3″, 1x Hygiplas Plastic Handled Spatula/Palette Knife – 8″, 1x Vogue 13 Compartment Wipe Clean Knife Wallet, 1x Vogue Plastic Peeler Black Moulded Handle, 1x Vogue Steel Plastic Handle – 25.4cm 10″.

The perfect set for any aspiring chef.

Product Information:

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 1.42kg
  • Colour Black
  • 8″ cooks knife
  • 8″ palette knife
  • 6″ fillet knife
  • 5″ boning knife
  • 3″ paring knife
  • Peeler
  • Knives are easy to sharpen and dishwasher safe
  • Supplied in a durable, nylon roll bag