Univet 620 Clear Lens Goggle (620.02.00.00)


Product details:

Perfect example of technology applied to safety, the 620 protective goggle has a soft TPR structure that fits any face ensuring comfort and protection even at extreme temperatures. The spherical lens avoids even the slightest fogging thanks to high performance anti-fog treatment UDC combined with the indirect ventilation system with 6 holes.

Innovative technology – perfect mix of ergonomics and design, Spherical panoramic lens for the highest performances, Soft TPR frame assures optimal level of comfort, Exclusive UDC coating, Sophisticated indirect ventilation system, Can be worn over any prescription spectacles thanks to its spherical lens, Category III° PPE

Standard Reference EN166 EN170
Frame Marking U EN166 3 4 9 BT 2C-1.2 0068CE
Ocular/Flip-up Marking 2C-1.2 U 1 BT 9 K N 0068CE

Brand: Univet